A website is one arm of a business and a powerful arm at that. A website could be an online commerce business or it could act as the digital face of your company which allows customers to understand what is on offer and connect with your brand.

An effective website will:

  • Bring your business closer to your customers
  • Allow customers to get more involved with the services or products you offer
  • Maximise leads and sales
  • Encourage brand awareness and loyalty
  • Generate conversation
  • Allow you to stand out from the competition

We work with clients locally, nationally and internationally, and our experience allows us to know what′s best for your business.we are perfect balance of graphic design, internet programming and online marketing skills means that we are able to produce website solutions which truly make a difference to our clients. You probably don’t need to know about CSS, XHTML, but suffice it to say that acvm technologies produce Internet solutions which meet the disability discrimination act and the W3C criteria and therefore are available to all users.

Our design process is content-first, meaning we start to collect your content before design begins. This to ensure we design your site around exactly what you need it to say and how you need it to be said.

Once we have your content and a thorough understanding of your needs, we design simple mockups of pages, called wireframes, which allow us to test the functionality and whether it′s appropriate for what the user wants to do. Only when you are completely happy with our ideas, will we begin to design your site.

Once you are happy with our designs, we will build your site using code or a content management system. All the elements are put together and thoroughly tested to make sure they work seamlessly, then put live.


Customized web application development has become an important requirement for any organization, regardless of its size. ACVM Technologies offers customized web development solutions that will improve scalability, enhance portability and facilitate cross-platform promotion of services. We have a systematic approach and will ensure that our web application solutions are designed to suit your needs.

We are experienced with creating both internal and external based web applications. Internal projects include applications that are intended to be used by your business or organization. Examples include inventory management, client billing and invoicing software, and business management suites. External projects include any web based applications that are intended to be utilized by outside visitors to your website.

Types of Applications We Develop and Customize for Your Needs :

  • Survey System for Academic Institutions
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Course & Event Management for Organizations – support online payment and SMS event reminder service
  • Information Web Portals to capture subscribers information
  • Information Management System for Clinic
  • Membership Management Portal – with simple online registration, renewal & online payment function
  • Online Mobile Quotation System
  • Other type of Customized Applications you want us to develop

Key benefits of web applications:

  • Customized according to specific industrial needs and standards
  • Enhance interaction and responsiveness with clients, vendors and employees
  • Improved portability and scalability
  • Enhanced user experience to leave a lasting impression
  • Long term cost-saving advantages

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